We deal in EMC system, from designing to installation of electromagnetic wave measuring equipment and consulting for standard information. We will provide the best service for you.



EMC Systems provides necessary information of regulation and standard of intended
market from development and design stage of various electronics, electrical appliance
and machine.
Furthermore, we comprehensively proposing coordinate of the third party test
/ certification, measuring system for EMC tests, construction of a facility and operation.

Measuring system for EMC that include both of hardware and software.

We provides measuring system based on applicable standard that include both of hardware and software for EMI measurement (Emission) and EMS test (Immunity). Our staffs provide the most suitable measuring instrument and facility for your request. If you have any questions, please contact us.

A high quality testing facility.

We provides a high quality performance facility which is considering limited space,conditions of location.

Business solution for Global market.

We provide demanded information,technical consulting or arranging necessary approvals and/or certification as your intermediary to the certification bodies.

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