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Providing EMS Test System for Performing Radiated/Conducted EMS Test


EMS Test System

Performing Radiated EMS test and Conducted EMS test modulate output level of
RF power amp using by Test equipment such as Signal generator,
RF power meter and Electric field monitor


Radiated EMS Test
(Distance from Antenna to EUT: 3m)

Level Electric field strength more than 10V/m
Frequency range (26MHz) 80MHz-40GHz
Modulation AM, pulse

Conducted EMS Test (CDN-EN Clamp used)

Level More than generating Voltage level 10V
Frequency range 150kHz-230MHz

Custumizing either Automatic or manual operation can be provide besed on your request.

Product name Type
Signal generator SMA100A(9kHz~3/6GHz)


Power amp

Electric field probe
Electric field monitor
FL7006, FM7004

Power meter E4419B
BCI probe
Calibration fixer
F-140, 50FH-030-300, FCC-BCIC-2, etc.
Emergency stop unit safety protection EMC101S(EMS Control Unit)

EMS controll unit “EMCS101S” controlls RF signal current between
Signal generator and Power amp in EMS test.
RF power amp selector RFPS02S, RFPS03S, RFPS04S, etc.

RF Power amp selector can change directional coupler, input and output of
Power amp by operating switch of selector without changing a connector in EMS test.
Performing Automatic measuring by equipping GP-IB for remote operating.
CCTV System for monitoring EUT COC-1000(Controller), TV2200(Stand)

CCTV, CCTV controller, Camera stand/mast. During EMS testing, you can check the
EUT behaviour from a Shielded room on a monitor. CCTV controller can operate
camera angle from Measuring room.
TFT liquid crystal monitor
monitor for Measuring control room
Monitor size by requested (15″ 17″ etc.)
Comb generator (for calibration) CG-515,CGO-5100A

Probe set
Coaxial cables
LISN Controller LC4000

This device is to switch phase of LISN in Conducted Emission Measuring of EMI Measuring System
TEM cell TEM600

It can perform tests without expensive antenna and Anechoic chamber.
Absorbing Clamp PS5000Ⅲ

The absorbing clamps are used for measuring Radio noise power in lieu of Radiated emissions measurements.
Controller for Absorbing Clamp DOC-200 Series
This Controller is to remote operate Clamp used in Conducted Emission Measurement/Interference Power
Jig for electric field probe FL7006

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