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Providing Various Instrument and Peripheral Device for each Measuring and Testing


Facility Instruments

Providing various instrument and peripheral device for each measuring and testing
Custumizing can be provide besed on your request.

Product name Type
Video inpause unit VIS1610

Video inpause unit is a device which indicate each test conditions
(e.g. frequency, modulation, applied voltage, output data of signal generator) on to TV monitor.
CCTV System for monitoring EUT COC-1000(Controller), TV2200(Stand)

CCTV, CCTV controller, Camera stand/mast. During EMS testing, you can check the
EUT behaviour from a Shielded room on a monitor. CCTV controller can operate
camera angle from Measuring room.
TFT liquid crystal monitor
monitor for Measuring control room
Monitor size by requested (15″ 17″ etc.)
External monitor for receiver ECM01

Shielded monitor using at Anechoic chamber
Monitor size by requested (15″ 17″ etc.)
Antenna mast Automatic type: AM4000 Manual type: AM3000, AM3000 H/V

Turn table/EUT table
Wood table

Resin table
Antenna mast
Turn table controller
DOC-200 Series (Optical communication type)
Voltage-Optical Converter System VOCS-030

VOCS-030 is a voltage monitor device which consists of Tx-Unit (E/O converter) and Rx-Unit (O/E converter).
Tx-Unit is completely shielded, this device can use even during EMS test, by connecting with optical cable of Tx-Unit and Rx-Unit.

Antenna stand

Product name Type


Antenna holder

Product name Type
Meets requirements of FCC(ANSI C63.4 2009) for compliance with measurements above 1GHz.



Possible to use for various kinds of antenna maker and set on tripod.

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